Are you one of those people who avoid going to the dentist? We’ve seen all types in our Liberty Family Dental office. But there is no need to avoid the dentist any longer! We have a state-of-the-office that will help you feel comfortable and safe. Our staff is friendly and professional. Our dentists are compassionate and, of course, highly trained. We’ve collected some of the most common reasons people give for not going to the dentist. If you are someone who has been avoiding going, is your reason among them?

What is Your Reason for Not Going to the Dentist?


If thinking about going to your dentist reminds you of a scene out of a movie set in the middle ages where a dirty barber grabs some dirty pliers and pulls the wrong tooth, or the thought gives you panic attacks and an upset stomach, you need to try a new dentist! You should try the sedation dentistry offered by Liberty Family Dentistry! We can do our modern procedures while you are happily sedated.

The Cost!

If you don’t have insurance, the thought of going to a dentist may make your wallet ache worse than any toothache. It’s true that paying out-of-pocket can be a scary thought, but you have a great option now. Liberty Family Dental is running a special you should take advantage of! We are offering a New Patient Special for just $59. This special includes a full exam and x-rays.

It’s Been Too Long!

If you haven’t gone to the dentist in years, you might be embarrassed to go and let someone see your teeth. Or maybe you have not been flossing and just don’t want to hear the lecture about how you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. Don’t fret!

I’ve Never Had a Cavity

It’s great that you’ve never had a cavity, but there is more to dental hygiene that just your teeth. Even with the best genetics, brushing habits, you still need your teeth professionally cleaned to make sure you are getting your hum line clean too. Your gums need to be cleaned well, or you can get gingivitis or gum disease.

The dentists at Liberty Family Dental are there to help you get back on the road to lifelong good dental health. Don’t let another day go by. Call today for an appointment. Just do it!