Flossing is one of the most important things that is done for maintaining a good oral health. It is used as a weapon against plaque. Plaque is not only the cause of tooth decay but also cause gum disease and bad breath. However, if you want to ensure that plaque is being removed effectively, it is important to use the correct technique of flossing. The type of floss to be used entirely depends on your preference. There are multiple types to choose but you must go for the one that accommodates with your requirement. If you use the correct technique, you will be able to remove excess food particles and plaque between your teeth.

To improve your overall health, it is important to adopt the right steps:

1. Use a piece of floss that is about 18 inches long. Wind it around the middle finger of both hands by leaving a gap of 3-4 inches. Now, start by using different combinations of finger and thumb to accurately position the floss between your teeth for all areas of your mouth. While doing so, make sure to relax your lips and cheeks.

2. In the next step, slide the floss between teeth in a zigzag motion. Also, ensure that the floss does not pop between teeth. Floss each tooth thoroughly.

3. Make “C” shape with a floss while wrapping around the tooth. Now, pull the floss upward from gum line to the top of the tooth.

4. Floss the back side of each tooth. Do it all around your mouth.

This technique works on any type of floss, be it waxed, unwaxed, spongy or dental tape. No matter where you start flossing from, just make sure that you floss all your teeth in every direction.

Adopting a poor flossing technique not only results in complications but also lead to poor oral health. It is therefore important to understand the right flossing technique. If you are not sure about using floss the right way, get in touch with our experts today. They will guide you by providing the best recommendation.