Having a trusted and reliable doctor is what everyone hopes for and once you find such a doctor, you decide to become his or her regular patient. However, there are several reasons for switching your dentist, you may move into a new town and seek for a dentist in your area. Or your current dentist is not offering the complete dental care your family needs. No matter what the reason, before you determine a new dentist, you need to know whether you want a family dentist or a general dentist.

Now, you may be wondering, ‘what’s the difference?’ While the terms ‘family dentist’ and ‘general dentist’ are usually used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the two. To assist you determine the right dentist for you and your family, make sure to understand the characteristics of both kinds of dentists.

What is a General Dentist?

A general dentist acquires a substantial education before practicing. Usually, three or more years of undergraduate education is needed and four years of dental schooling before an aspiring individual can graduate and become a general dentist. They have one main goal; to assist you maintain a healthy smile.

Though it is an objective of all dentists, general dentists may limit their patients to a certain age group. So, before you choose a dentist, ensure that they provide all the dental services you’re searching for.

What Makes a Dentist, a Family Dentist?

Just like a general dentist, family dentists are comprehensively trained. They need proper practice, knowledge, and experience before they start to see patients. Moreover, they provide similar dental services to a general dentist. Family dentists focus on explaining patients teeth cleaning practices and keeping good oral hygiene. They teach a toddler accurate brushing methods or show an elderly patient the right way to clean their dentures. Their aim is to give you and your family a positive dental experience.

Family Dentist vs General Dentist

Though, they both are quite similar but there are slight differences that can’t go unnoticed. These differences can make a difference when you’re selecting a dentist for your family. The prime difference between the two is that a family dentist expertises in dental processes for all age groups. So, instead of visiting numerous dentists, you can avail all your dental requirements from a single convenient expert.

From root canal to tooth extraction, and various other such dental services are catered by expert family dentists. Many people are not affected by this difference unless they don’t need a special dental service. Long gone are the days when you are required to see numerous dentists for your dental check-ups.

If you need a specialized dental process, a general dentist will suit you. However, if he or she doesn’t take patients under 16 and your child is 5 or 10 years old, then you’ll have to look for a family dentist. Find a reliable dentist who can provide you with basic oral health care along with complex services to maintain your teeth and gum.