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Halloween is nearly upon us. It is every kid’s favorite fall holiday, but we all know that your dentist wants you to be careful and treat your teeth well. We’ve come up with some Halloween tips to consider when it comes to candy.

Skip the Sticky Stuff

  • Candy like jujubes, fruit leather and other super sticky candy should always be avoided, not just at Halloween. It is resistant to brushing and is a smorgasbord for the bacteria that causes cavities.

Rinse Off Your Teeth

  • If your kids are unable to brush right after eating candy because of where they are, teach them to rinse off their teeth with water.

Sugar-Free Gum

  • Chewing sugary gum is like giving your teeth a sugar bath. If you let your child indulge in sugary gum from time to time, make sure they rinse their teeth after and brush as soon as possible.


  • This is all sounding like a real downer to most kids I’m sure so let’s look at what you can eat, without worrying about your teeth.
  • Chocolate melts fast and doesn’t stick. Go for it, in moderation- you don’t want to get a stomach ache either!
  • You know how you always find healthy snacks in your candy bag? Eat those.

Time to Get a New Brush!

  • Halloween is a great time to add a splash to your kid’s dental habit routine.
  • Get them a new brush, one with a motor or a timer for example.
  • If they don’t have a Waterpik, consider getting one.

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