Brushing is the most crucial part of dental hygiene one should follow, and thus it needs special attention. Not only is it to be done in the right way for at least two minutes, but also with the right toothbrush, otherwise, you may lose an essential ingredient of your overall well-being.

In this field of dental hygiene, electric toothbrushes are the recent advancements and are making the process of brushing more convenient and productive. You need to know a handful of things before buying one if you are pondering to get the electric brush.

Types of electric toothbrushes

Not every toothbrush similarly serves the purpose. Instead, each of these types has slightly different features that make them buyable. Have a look at these types-

Rotating- These are the simplest and cheapest type of toothbrushes. They have turning bristles that can be arranged in a rotating circle to clean the teeth.
Rotating-oscillating- These types of toothbrushes are the most popular and recommended to remove plaque from the teeth. How do they do this? Well, they have a small head that oscillates and then rotates from one side of the other in every tooth.
Pulsating- These are the rotating, oscillating toothbrushes that make forward-backward motion together with spinning. This feature adds to the pricing and makes them comparatively costlier.
Counter-oscillating- With a head shape similar to the oscillating type, these brushes are slightly different because of the rotating movement of the tufts of bristles in different directions at the same time.
Dual head- As per the name signifies, these toothbrushes have two heads; one rotates, and the other sweeps simultaneously.
Sonic and ultrasonic- This toothbrush performs the cleaning of teeth by vibrating at high frequency. They are more expensive than rotating types.

Benefits of electric toothbrushes over the manual brushes

Many people who have already used these electric toothbrushes give different reasons to use them. Here are some of those-

  • Easy to use
  • Higher-level plaque removal
  • Rich in technology
  • Focussed brushing
  • Safe for gums
  • Adds fun to brushing
  • Built-in timers

Pick the right electric toothbrush

Once you have known and researched the various types of toothbrushes available, start looking for suitable ones for your teeth. You need to understand that an electric brush has a handful of features for your convenience and good dental health. You shall make the best use of those technologies and features by buying the best of them. Various features that you can look into an electric toothbrush include a timer, quad pacers, cleaning mode, tongue fresheners, and travel-friendly, etc.

After you have made an appropriate choice by buying a suitable brush, make sure you utilize all these features to get a white, shining set of teeth. If you are using these for the first time, they may create a tickling sensation, but don’t worry; you will get used to it only in a few days.

Are you still confused about the selection of the right toothbrush? Get to your dentist for the worthy suggestions. He will examine the condition of your teeth and then suggest the right pick.