Liberty Family Dental is your local dentist that takes Medicaid and honors the CHIP program. We think preventative care is the key to lifelong good dental health. We know it’s hard to schedule a dental cleaning. Your life is busy, and taking time out for a dental cleaning can seem like a waste of time. You brush your teeth daily after all, and floss every day, well almost every day anyway. But you shouldn’t skip a dental cleaning and here are the reasons why.

Your Overall Health

  • Your gums are the gateway to your bloodstream. If you have any type of issue that lets bacteria into your bloodstream, it can lead to other health problems even as serious at heart disease.
  • Your dental hygienist will always do an oral cancer screening during your cleaning. This type of cancer is treatable if caught early.

Get a Thorough Cleaning

  • Try as you might, you just can’t get all the plaque and tartar that accumulates slowly on your teeth.
  • Your dentist has the right tools and training to get all your teeth perfectly clean.

Gum Health Check-up

  • You will also get a thorough flossing at the dentist.
  • Despite our best intentions, we don’t all floss our teeth every day.
  • Having your gums checked by a professional can allow issues to be spotted early and acted upon in time to prevent gum disease.

Having a great, white smile adds to your confidence and how people view you. Protect your smile with bi-annual cleanings. Call today and make an appointment.