There are multiple signs to tell you that the baby is growing. His growth from ‘just born’ to the excited toddler is exciting to note and leaves you amazed at times. One such fantastic moment is when your child has his first tooth. Generally, you get to encounter the first tooth when the child turns six months, with an exception to a few who might have their teeth erupt a bit late.

While you would love this moment of your child smiling with his first tooth, you must know that the process of the eruption has not been an easy one for the child. It is somewhat painful as the teeth come out, pushing his soft gums.

What is teething?

Teething is the process of the eruption of the baby teeth, which usually starts at the age of 6-10 months in pairs. The first pair of teeth to erupt are the central lower incisors followed by other baby teeth. Now, this process of teeth eruption may be less or more painful to each depending on the child. Notably, there are a few children who get too annoyed and fussy during the phase, to an extent where the parents doubt the presence of some severe issue. That is why you need to know the actual symptoms and remedies to ensure a safe and soothing tooth eruption process for your child.

Below are the top three of those:

Symptom- Turning grumpy and cranky

The pain during teething makes the child so cranky sometimes that they are not able to calm themselves and keep on crying for hours. This makes the process of caring difficult and exhausting for the mothers.

Remedy- The best method to counter this crankiness is to be patient, love, and pamper the child more during teething. You can also use distractions like their favorite game to keep them engaged and away from the pain.

Symptom- Abstaining from consuming anything

Sometimes the pain becomes a prolonged one and has a significant impact on the child’s mental state. He starts getting afraid of consuming anything as it would grow more strain to him. This leads to refraining every food and even the breast milk by them.

Remedy- At this time, when the child refuses to have anything, the change of temperature can do. You can give him cold breast milk, or if he has begun to have solids, even the frozen yogurt and mashed bananas will work.

Symptom- Rubbing cheeks continuously

The aches and pains in the emerging teeth and gums increase so much that the child starts rubbing his cheeks, expecting some relief, but it doesn’t help him as the pain is internal.

Remedy- The best thing again can be to distract the child’s mind. You can provide him some teething biscuits to satisfy his craving to chew things.

Even though teething is a sign of development, which is right for your child’s growth, you still have to be aware of the pain your child is suffering through. Now, the pain of teething generally subsides after the eruption of a few first teeth, but if, in any case, it lasts longer, you must consult the doctor for the relieving methods.