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From Halloween to New Years people are letting their diets slip and letting their food choices be guided by cravings, what’s offered at parties, and pure indulgence. As your family dentist in Liberty who offers Medicaid coverage, we are here to help guide your choices in this holiday season so that you don’t get cavities or a chipped tooth while you enjoy the seasonal festivities.

Watch the Nuts!

The fall harvest of nuts makes them the perfect holiday treat. Walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are common among the fruits found on offer. Be sure to not use your teeth to open these or any other nuts! Grab the nutcracker and make sure you keep the shell away from the fruit of the nut when you start to chow down.

Beware the Sweets!

Who doesn’t love chocolate truffles, candy canes and gingerbread? Be careful to not let sugary treats hibernate on your teeth! Rinse off your teeth after indulging in sweets if you are not able to brush your teeth right away. And make sure that gingerbread is soft by checking its firmness before you try to sink your teeth into it!

There are more tips to come! Check back for our next informative blog!


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