Expert Dentists That Accept Medicaid & CHIP

In the state of Texas, a new Medicaid and CHIP enrollment program began in late 2011 and ended on Feb. 10, 2012. If you enrolled your children during that period, they should now have a “Main Dentist” where they will get all their dental benefits. If you did not request a “Main Dentist” and you were assigned one through the program, that will be where your children will get their benefits.

However, if you would like to change, and have your children seen at our dental office, you can simply call the Dental Plan you were assigned to (DentaQuest or MCNA) at one of the following numbers, and just give them the Liberty Family Dental, office phone number and the “Main Dentist’s” name that you want to switch to. You can get all that information quickly and easily by following Instructions below.

Toll-free Phone Numbers to Call to Change your “Main Dentist”

DentaQuest – Medicaid: 800-516-0165
                          CHIP: 800-508-6775
MCNA – Medicaid or CHIP: 855-691-6262

Finally, if your child is qualified to become a new Medicaid or CHIP patient, and you have not enrolled in the program yet, if you wish to choose our dentist as your main dentist, you can enroll by following these 3 simple steps:

1. Pick a Dental Plan: There are now two plans to choose from – Denta Quest and MCNA — and the details are included with the enrollment forms. Our dental office participates in all both plans, so you will be able to get your full benefits here, no matter which one you choose.

2. Choose a Main Dentist: Choose one of our dentists as your main dentist.

3.Mail in your completed forms, or enroll by phone: Once you’ve chosen your Dental Plan and your “Main Dentist’s” name, you can either fill out the forms and mail them in, or you can use the information to enroll by phone by calling:
Medicaid: 1-800-964-2777
CHIP: 1-800-647-6558

If you have any questions at all, please call or visit our dental office.