Have you ever longed to have the bright white teeth that you never had? Or do you want to have the whiteness of your teeth back, that you had earlier? Then we are here to guide you.

What Can Lead to Yellowing of Teeth?

There can be multiple reasons for dull or yellow teeth. One of them is the wrong choice of food. You must know that the sugary and sticky food is always harmful and invites the harmful bacteria-causing plaque. The yellowish coloration on the teeth can also be the exposure of the dentin, which is a natural yellow colored substance below the surface of the enamel, which is evident once the enamel is eroded.

Now, many would argue that the fading of the bright color of teeth can be prevented by following proper dental hygiene; by brushing and flossing on time. Well, to some aspect, yes! One can expect healthy and shiny teeth by following all the steps of appropriate dental hygiene. But, still you may fail to achieve the desired results, you got to see the tips and methods listed below-

Try oil pulling – This is a traditional method used in India and is believed to be one of the safest methods for white teeth. The oil for this purpose can be anything from sunflower, sesame to coconut. Well, steps for oil pulling are :

  • Take one tablespoon of oil in your mouth.
  • Push and pull the oil through your teeth.
  • Continue the pulling for 15-20 minutes and then spit out in a trash can.

Brush with a toothpaste having baking soda and hydrogen peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide has been a known bleaching agent and is able to kill bacteria quickly. For the same reason, brushing with a toothpaste having some amount of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is effective in bringing whitening in teeth in only six weeks.

Mouthwash rinses before and after brushing – For a perfect dental routine, rinse-floss-brush-mouthwash. Ingredients in the mouthwash loosen up the hidden food particles and prevent plaque buildup, thus making brushing and flossing effectively. In addition to this, when you use mouthwash (esp. Having hydrogen peroxide) after brushing, it goes into the gaps missed earlier and cleans them effectively.

Apple cider vinegar – Vinegar has been proven to be an effective disinfectant for centuries. The presence of Acetic acid in it makes it the best choice to kill bacteria. Now the question is how to use it? So, just acetic acid is harmful to use on a regular basis as it can erode the enamel. You only need to mix some vinegar with water and swish with it for minutes and then rinse with plain water afterward.

The above-mentioned ingredients will surely help to whiten your teeth. However, you need not underestimate the importance of brushing and flossing two times a day, and taking care of a calcium-rich diet and avoiding sugary food will complement the whitening process. That is why make sure you follow a healthy routine with less stress and more cleanliness.