The Affordable Care Act does not require dental care to be covered by all plans for adults, but it is mandatory for children (under 19). If you have children or have chosen coverage for yourself that included dental coverage you may be finding it difficult to find a dentist that will accept Medicaid as payment. Liberty Dental is an exception, we do accept Medicaid and are excited to provide dental care for people who have had to go without for too long because of insurance costs. We’ve put together some interesting facts about the ACA and dental care.

  • According to the ADA, “ all states except Utah…have chosen either the state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or the MetLife High Option from the Federal Employee Dental and Vision Insurance program as their benchmark plan.
  • And according to the State Health Policy Monitor, while more than 15% of adults have no medical insurance about 45% of people or 85 million people have no dental coverage. For persons over the age of 65, that number soars to 70%. Let’s work together to get that number down!
  • Before the ACA, Texas provides coverage in every service category for the disabled and elderly, but only emergency services for all other adult enrollees.
  • If dental is part of your plan, you can still use cost assistance to lower your plan costs.
  • Even with cost assistance, when you reach the maximum, you typically pay 100% of the costs for dental work. This is the opposite of health insurance under the ACA where you pay 0% after your maximum. So don’t be confused by that.

We’ll be sure to keep talking about this because we care about everyone’s dental health, so be sure to check back and keep learning about your dental coverage on the ACA.

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