Liberty Dental is proud to be a provider of dental care for children using Medicaid and the CHIP program. We know that preventative care for children’s teeth is key for a life of good dental health. We’ll help teach your child good dental habits, clean your child’s teeth regularly and attempt to stop any problems before they get out of control.If you’ve been without health insurance for period of time, you are likely a fan of the Affordable Care Act. You can now use the marketplace to find a policy that you can afford, and can get help paying for it if you can’t afford it one your own. Preventative dental care is still not covered by most plans for Medicaid for adults, but through the CHIP program children in Texas can now get preventative care.

Starting at 6 months of age, children are eligible for dental checkups.

  • Children can get regular cleanings as part of preventative care.
  • Instead of a frequent rule, there is a $250  per 12 months limit.
  • Sealants are covered. One per tooth is allowed.
  • Fluoride treatment are not covered.
  • One set of X-rays per 26 months is covered.
  • These are just a few of the services covered. Other services, such as crowns, root canals, and fillings are covered and we can help you figure out what your coverage is. Make us your designated dentist in the CHIP program and we would be happy to offer dental care to your child. Call today and make an appointment for your child.